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Bold, progressive, independent leadership that delivers.

That’s what San Diegans have come to expect. From Lucy Killea to DeDe Alpert to Toni Atkins and Todd Gloria, strong people, capable of putting our values into action, have led the way.

That’s my record, too.  On the San Diego City Council I’ve pushed hard for change that leads to solutions.

Homelessness. Equal pay for equal work. Environmental protection. Childcare. We’ve made substantive progress on issues that reflect the values and needs of our community.


Real solutions for big problems.

  • For the first time in twenty years, we have a plan for dealing with homelessness and effective programs to start implementing that plan.

  • Contractors with the City of San Diego now have to pay men and women equally for the same work.

  • We’ve banned toxic products that end up in our waterways and put San Diego on a path to doing its part on climate change.

  • A childcare coordinator is working with businesses to bridge the gap between the 150,000 children who need care and the 65,000 slots available to parents (As a father of two, this issue is all too real).

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Real solutions for the problems we care about.

I’m running for the State Assembly to take the work we’ve done on these issues and others and apply them statewide. And frankly, state government has a lot more say whether the problems I’ve worked on get fixed.

I’ll make sure we support working families, reinvigorate opportunity to achieve the California Dream, and provide a sustainable and healthy natural environment. That means we must provide enough housing at every income level, deliver on the need for quality education for all, and support policies that achieve career security and upward mobility.


It also means incentivizing job creation that will be at the core of our changing economy, putting the training for those jobs in reach, making sure workers have a voice and a real chance to retire, and quality, affordable healthcare to help them get there and enjoy it. As I raise my kids, I am driven to make sure progress is secure and we pay it forward. 

If you elect me to the Assembly, I’ll bring the same prepared, never-take-no-for-an-answer, determined style from City Hall and apply it the issues most affecting our community, working families, and our overall quality of life at the State Capitol.

I look forward to connecting with you during this campaign and hope to earn your trust and your vote in the 2020 election.